Sep 19 2017

Give People a Real Treat This Holiday

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Some people just seem to have everything they want or need. This makes it nearly impossible to find a gift that is something special. Why not give the gift of Holiday Catering? What most people need around the holidays is a break from cooking.

They would really appreciate a quiet night at home without having to worry about dinner. This can be the perfect solution for long distance gift giving. Many restaurant chains offer Holiday Catering services. Find one that delivers as well and order a meal for that friend or family member who is hard to buy for.


How This Can Work

Go online and find a restaurant that is close to the recipient. Select a package deal or a party pan and arrange to have it delivered. Call one member of the family or leave a message on the answering machine of a friend and say cooking is not necessary. Let them know a delivery will be made at the appropriate time.

Someone living in Florida can have catering delivered to a friend in Ohio. Plan it for a night in the middle of the week to catch people off guard. This can also be done for a birthday, an anniversary, or for someone who is recovering from an injury. Comfort food can be delivered to the family who has recently lost a close friend or family member.

Treat Yourself

Give yourself a break as well. Call ahead, stop by on the way home, and eat a great meal with zero effort. Freeze the leftovers and eat them next week. During the holidays, party pans are cost-effective. Dig out the air containers and portion that food out.

Eat restaurant quality food for the next two months. Invite friends over for a casual get together with no fuss. Just enjoy their company and catch up on the latest news. Relax and remember there will be nothing to clean up later.

Small Office Parties

Make arrangements to have the office party at a restaurant that offers catering for the holidays. Select the menu ahead of time and book the private room. Employees can just show up and have a great time. Get everyone out of the office so they can breathe a bit. Office parties at the office can have a formal feel to them.

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